Exodus 3.5g CB9A Cart



Exodus Diamond Sauce Collection Wedding Frost CB9A + THCA + THCP 3.5g vape cartridges offer a unique and balanced Hybrid blend to enjoy during the day or evening. These huge 3.5g CB9A cartridges are the largest available in the market! Not only are the CB9A, THCA and THCP cannabinoids potent on their own, but the entourage effect of the combination will give you a completely new experience. A great option for day or evening, this Wedding Frost Hybrid strain will arouse the mind while relaxing the body. A blissful journey awaits with a fusion of flavors that’s herbal, sweet and vanilla. This delicious Exodus Diamond Sauce Wedding Frost CB9A 3.5g vape cartridge will be a welcome addition to your daily routine!

NOTE: These 3.5g cartridges only fit traditional pen-style batteries.

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Black Gold (Indica), Grape Crush (Indica), Wedding Frost (Hybrid), Mango Haze (Sativa), Electric Blue (Sativa)

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