Gourmet Live Resin D9:HHC Lemon Crumble Chocolate



Chocolate has never been more edgy and exciting with the all new Gourmet Delta 9 THC & HHC chocolate bars. A sweet indulgence, these bars are a great way to experience some of the richest, flavorful infused chocolate.
4 options:

Lemon Crumble Chocolate- Classic chocolate with notes of lemon for a sweet and tart combination.
Lavender White Chocolate-Creamy white chocolate with a floral hint.
Key Lime Chocolate-Sweet chocolate paired with tangy lime.
Mango Chili Chocolate-Rich chocolate with a sweet and spicy kick.

12 pc per bar | 25mg per piece (10 mg Delta 9 THC and 15mg HHC)
1/2 piece serving size

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Lemon Crumble Chocolate, Lavender White Chocolate, Key Lime Chocolate

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