Healthyroot Full-Spectrum Nite Caps + 10 MG CBN


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Full- Spectrum Nite Caps + 10 MG CBN are the modern-day nightcap – except that our Nite Caps put you in a deep sleep, for real. And they do so naturally. This blend of CBN, CBD, and Full-Spectrum oil gives you a rejuvenating feeling. I’m talking about the feeling of waking up well-rested and full of energy from a great night.Full-Spectrum CBD Soft Gel Nite CapsWake up well-rested & be ready to take on the day!Forget about all those sleepless nights. They’re behind you. After months of requests, we finalized the nightcap you are searching for, but it’s nothing like the sleeping aids you’ve tried before. When it comes to sleep, you want nothing but natural ingredients to put you out. Are you one of the thousands of people who spend countless hours staring into the ceiling every night? With Nite Caps, you can fall asleep quickly, sleep deeper, and wake up energized and well-rested! And if your poor sleep comes from external factors, like aches, anxiousness, or worry, CBD may even aid you with your troubles.The Nite Caps are specially formulated to aid and promote sleep. In this nightcap, there are two main ingredients, 30 MG of CBD & 10 MG of CBN. They’re all-natural and extracted from the hemp plant. The Nite Caps are made with care, using organic hemp and full-spectrum oil. Plus, they’re vegan-friendly to ensure anybody can consume them with good conscience.

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