Rave Kratom Max Strength 80% Extract Tablets



Some users need just a little more out of their kratom products.
Rave Kratom has answered that call! Rave has used advanced extraction techniques to create a potent full-spectrum kratom tablet from an 80% extract!
These tablets are available in a 2ct or 5ct blister pack.
Max strength product!

Rave Kratom Max Strength 80% Extract Tablets
Rave Kratom Max Strength 80% Extract Tablets is a brand new product from the Rave Kratom crew. Their first vein-specific extract shots were a hit, so they have decided to grow the brand! Like their extract shots, they have also decided to go the full-spectrum kratom route with these max-strength tablets.
Rave has used advanced extraction methods to ensure that this product includes all of the plant’s alkaloids and that these alkaloids are present in high concentrations! Every tablet is produced with 80% full-spectrum mitragynine extract.
Rave Kratom Max Strength Extract Tablets are launching in a 2pk which contains 200mg total alkaloids, and a 5pk with 500mg total alkaloids. If users are used to taking plain-leaf powder, each tablet is considered the equivalent of 6-7 grams of plain-leaf powder. These tablets were formulated for users who need just a little extra out of their kratom products!
How Should I Dose Kratom Extract Vs. Plain-Leaf Powder Kratom?
If users have never tried a kratom extract product yet in their career, figuring out their sweet spot with extract can be confusing. Rave Kratom is here, so users don’t have to go through that process alone!
Kratom Extract products are the same as plain-leaf ones, with a higher alkaloid concentration. There is math that can be done regarding dosing kratom extract vs. plain-leaf powder, but Rave has already done the work for users!
Many products on the market will tell users what their extract is equivalent to in plain-plain powder somewhere on the label. For example, these tablets contain 100mg of active alkaloids from an 80% kratom extract. This makes each tablet the equivalent of 6-7g of plain leaf powder.
What If I Am Using An Extract Powder?
Things can become confusing if users have ventured into the world of kratom extract powder. We’ll also show an example here to aid users in this instance! There are two things to pay attention to regarding kratom extract powder. One is the brand and quality of the product being used. Second, the potency of the extract.
For example, if users look at a 10:1 extract powder, that means .6 or 600mg should have the same effects as 6g of plain-leaf powder.
If users don’t have a scale to weigh their product, keep in mind extract is generally anywhere from 2x to 10x stronger depending on the potency of the extract used. Start with a dose smaller than one would usually take for plain-leaf powder and adjust from there!
Product Features:
Kratom Extract Product (80% Mit)
Full-Spectrum Kratom
Available In 2ct And 5ct (200mg/500mg Active Alkaloids)
Max Strength
Lab Tested For Potency And Safety

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2 Count, 5 Count

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