Sivan Calm Tincture – A Drop of Tranquility


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Whether you feel overwhelmed in the moment or anticipate a difficult day ahead, liberate yourself from daily stressors with Sivan’s Calm oil. Grounding clarity and tranquility will soon be at your fingertips. A dose of the Calm oil will embolden you to propel through the day ahead.

  • Crafted from the Highest Quality USA grown hemp
  • Made with Sivan CBD’s Premium Full-Spectrum Oil to give you the True Full Benefits of the Hemp Plant
  • Formulated for the ‘Entourage Effect’ including: 600mg CBD (Cannabidiol), 450mg CBG (Cannabigerol), 300mg CBC (Cannabichromene) & 150mg CBN (Cannabinol).
  • Vegan Organic MCT Oil
  • Gluten Free

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