Urb Incredibles Series 50mg Gummies (30 Count)



Full of wonder, not worry. Embark on an extraordinary edible experience with incredibles’ credible line of vegan and gluten-free gummies, carefully curated for specific effects and maximum flavors — from the tranquilizing Snooozzzeberry to the jubilant celebration of Sour Blue Razzberry. With precisely dosed cannabinoids, each gummy promises a consistent and accurate effect, whether you’re seeking an incredibly Sleepy night, a joyous Celebration, or a gently Relaxed state. incredibles offers 20mg versions for the newbie doobies and 50mg options for the ganja gurus. Elevate your senses with incredibles’ Legal THC* premium edibles, crafted with the highest quality and designed to deliver the effects you expect.

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Snoozzzberry, Tangerine, Sour Blue Razzberry, Strawberry Lemahhhnade

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